Michael Waltham

"I started singing lessons with Sarah in May 2009 and since this time my voice has changed immensely. From having a comfortable singing range of just one octave, I now nearly have a range of two octaves and this is improving all the time. Sarah is a friendly, enthusiastic and extremely talented singing teacher. [She] places a huge emphasis on vocal technique and a lot of time is spent on vocal exercises, which are tailored in accordance with what you require at the time. Despite having several singing teachers in the past, I have never really explored or indeed been taught about good vocal technique, and my vocal technique has improved beyond recognition.

Good technique is something that is vital for any singer. Sarah's experience in the world of professional singing is invaluable and she has the ability to explain complicated matters in a way that makes perfect sense, something that I have never experienced before.

Sarah has an infectious personality and a fantastic sense of humour and I always leave my lessons feeling amazing and feeling like I have acheived something. Sarah is not only a singing teacher, but also a good friend and I am very thankful for all that she has done and continues to do for me."