Ian P. Stow

"'Young' isn't an adjective you would use about me, but then neither is 'old'. I decided I'd like to sing after being inspired by singers in a tiny Piano Bar whilst on holiday. I tried several singing teachers both local and distant but with little progress or actual development. I came across [this] web-site purely by chance and decided to contact [Sarah Rhodes]. I found Sarah to be warm, welcoming and friendly but most of all, honest.

Her 'salon' is the very comfortable and spacious drawing room of her lovely home in Sutton, just outside Hull. From the first lesson Sarah described mental images for me to more easily picture what she was asking me to do. She has given me the ability to make a sound which even I can identify as good. Believe me, it was not good in any way when we started about a year ago. I'm not a student of music and have no real background in music so all of that which Sarah gives to me is new and has to be learned. The problem I experienced with other teachers was that they didn't understand that I didn't have their innate knowledge of what they were talking about. Sarah understood my lack of any knowledge whatsoever and she has patiently set about teaching me from scratch.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling of elation which sweeps over me as I leave each lesson. Always I have learned something which improves my ability. I knew that quick was never going to be the word to describe the learning process for this skill, however, I'm delighted with what has developed so far and believe that there is still a lot more to come. I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending Sarah to you on the basis of what she has delivered to me.

I've spoken with several of her talented students too, and listened to them singing- one said to me 'Sarah really changes your voice, she seems to just know what you are doing with your voice and helps you to do it better'. That is exactly what she does, only she makes the experience wonderfully good fun."