Dale Christmas

"Sarah Rhodes seemed the obvious choice when I was looking for a singing teacher at the beginning of my student career at the University of Hull. Her impressive professional biography leapt off the page. From our first session together it was evident that I had made the right choice. Immediately apparent is Sarah's warm and friendly personality, which instantly put this nervous young undergraduate (and presumably everyone else) at ease and welcomed him into her home. Sarah's teaching studio is a large and stylish room which is extremely well-equipped and the bookshelves are teeming with musical books of every conceivable variety. Many of her opera scores are marked with notes from leading conductors, which highlights the level of Sarah's professional career. More important than these details however, is the very fact that Sarah teaches from home. My singing lessons afforded me a most enjoyable escape from the University campus, which can, when the academic workload is very high, feel somewhat like a tomb. Being able to leave all the stress of my degree behind for a few hours and get away from the vicinity of the University was a real pleasure. This coupled with Sarah's delightfully infectious personality made my singing lessons the genuine highlight of the week. 

Most important of course, are Sarah's skills as a teacher. Her central approach is one which addresses vocal technique, and she has an acute ability to detect technical errors and correct them with the greatest of ease. Indeed her palate of revelatory analogies (which she uses to make her point clear) is simply astounding. Sarah's expertise, however, is by no means limited to technique: she is an extremely intelligent musician whose interpretational guidance, linguistic precision and practical working knowledge are nothing short of inspirational. Furthermore, Sarah's experience on the professional opera stage makes her quite an authority on the physical delivery of performance, as anyone who has experienced her direction will doubtless testify.

I can honestly say that Sarah's musicianship and vocal expertise have been simply invaluable to my musical development. Even more important than this, however, is the friendship which has resulted from the lessons: a friendship which was forged almost instantly thanks chiefly to Sarah's extremely personable nature and completely genuine 'no nonsense' personality."