James Hendry

"I first met Sarah Rhodes when I went to a singing lesson with a friend, who [was] a student of Sarah's, to accompany her on the piano and work on some repertoire for an upcoming performance. Sarah has a great sense of humour and an infectious personality which really makes you want to succeed and also helps you enjoy your lessons. Sarah strives to help her students reach the highest possible standards in vocal technique and quality of performance. This is made possible by her wealth of experience and knowledge of singing to a professional standard, which is inspirational to all of her students, and also through her ability to demonstrate and explain things in a simple and easy to understand way."

Being not only a pianist and percussionist but also a keen singer myself, I began studying with Sarah .....and my voice has improved dramatically. As well as being an excellent teacher, Sarah is also very supportive of her students. She has supported me and has come and seen me perform in many of my concerts and recitals, including the ones where I wasn't singing, but playing and also conducting. I am now ..... study[ing] the piano at the Royal Northern College of Music, but I still want to keep singing and learning about the voice, as I have an aspiration to be a repetiteur and conductor of the operatic repertoire in the future, a career choice that I would not have thought about, if it wasn't for Sarah.

I have [recommended] and still recommend Sarah to anyone who is serious about singing. She is a pleasure to be around and is a truly inspirational teacher and friend."

Helen Bradshaw

"I .... approached [Sarah] after beginning my degree in Music and Drama at the University of Hull. I was experiencing many problems with my voice at the time, and was completely out of practice after almost four months without having a lesson. I had lost confidence in myself as a singer and was no longer passionate about singing. As a result of this I doubted the choices I had made to study music and drama and had considered changing my degree to single honours in drama. I cannot believe the difference in my voice and my attitude since I began lessons with Sarah. I had never before planned to pursue a career in singing, but …I ...am now ... hoping to continue my studies by doing a post graduate degree in performance. Sarah teaches from her own home.

As a student, it is very refreshing to be able to learn away from the university campus. I find that I can leave the stresses of university life at home and concentrate fully on my singing in the very welcoming and yet professional environment that Sarah provides. It is also reassuring to know that my peers and lecturers cannot hear me through the door; I can relax and enjoy myself!

After every lesson with Sarah I leave feeling determined to improve. She has an infectious personality that encourages you to succeed. Over the last two years Sarah has not only made a remarkable difference to my voice but has helped me to find the love for singing that I had lost. Her tuition has enabled me to improve my results in performance from a low 2.2 to a high 2.1 in just under a year, and she has completely rebuilt my confidence.

Sarah has become far more to me than a teacher; she is a kind, generous and caring person who I admire and respect, and I hope that she will be a lifelong friend."