Jenny Rust

"I started lessons with Sarah Rhodes in my first year of University. Sarah helped me to discover my voice, through teaching me the importance of technique. Within months of starting my lessons I was aware of the difference in my voice, which was richer and fuller than before. In my first and second year we focussed on technique which gave me a strong foundation and gave me the confidence to decide to make singing a career. The results of Sarah's teaching were shown in my third year in my final recital where I gained a First and the Andrew Brown Memorial Prize for the highest recital mark in the year. I have continued ...... postgraduate study, [both] at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, [and now at the RNCM].

Sarah brings more than vocal technique to a lesson as she brings experience from her professional career as a singer which is invaluable. Sarah is a brilliant teacher, and she has a down to earth personality , which makes her approachable, yet she always remains professional.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to learn how to sing at any level."

Liam Geoghegan

"I first started lessons with Sarah in 2007 in my second year of undergraduate study. I found Sarah to be a professional and friendly teacher, who uses her experience as a professional singer to guide and nurture your voice. However, although her focus is on vocal technique, her professional experience is invaluable in learning how to present yourself as an overall performer, not just a voice. She is always willing to help with any aspect of your performances, from repertoire and technique to language and stage skills.

Sarah's dedication and guidance were instrumental in helping me to graduate with First Class Honours and, after gaining a high first class mark in my recital, I was awarded the Andrew Brown Memorial Prize for Outstanding Musical Performance. Teaching at her home in Sutton, lessons are an opportunity to remove yourself from the University campus which is often crowded and noisy. Sarah teaches in a comfortable peaceful environment, resulting in a relaxed atmosphere. Sarah also encourages you to record your lessons so that you can learn independently outside of lesson time.

In addition to activities on my course, Sarah actively sought to arrange concerts and opportunities away from the University, encouraging me to gain invaluable experience performing in different venues, familiarise myself with my material in preparation for my examined recitals and make valuable contacts throughout the East Yorkshire area."