Teaching Approach

As a singing teacher, my main emphasis has been, and always will be, on vocal technique. I firmly believe that without a good technique, singers are unlikely to realise their full potential and even worse, they may develop vocal problems which may have long lasting physical effects. I have had considerable experience in identifying and resolving vocal problems and work with patients referred to me from Hull Royal Infirmary speech therapy department.

The approach taken is holistic in the sense that the whole body as one's instrument is taken into account. My concern is to nurture the continuing progress of my students, and this is aided by individually tailored vocal development plans which I devise.

Students will readily appreciate that a beautiful singing voice is not enough, and that physical and musical awareness is of paramount importance for a complete performance. I feel, having had more than 18 years' teaching experience, that this approach has been shown to be essential to a successful development.

Emphasis is also placed on the acquisition of good linguistic skills with the aid of internationally used phonetics which assist with pronunciation and the understanding of text.

Help and advice is also given with stage-craft, stage etiquette and communication, particularly for examinations, recitals and concerts.

Private Students

Beginners: This includes individuals with little or no prior knowledge, and who wish to explore any aspect of singing.

Intermediate: This is for those singers who have had some previous training and are looking to train their voice with particular aims in mind.

Advanced: This is for those who have already had some formal training and considerable performing experience.

Professionals: This is for individuals who have completed their formal studies and who either wish to embark upon a professional singing career or who have already begun it.

Higher Education Tuition

Undergraduates: This is for students who wish to pursue singing more seriously, either at an accredited musical establishment or who otherwise intend to study singing in greater depth. Previously they will have had a certain number of singing lessons and may have taken Associated Board or similar level examinations to a high grade.

Postgraduates: For students who have completed their initial training at undergraduate level, and who intend to pursue vocal studies at postgraduate level, e.g. a masters course, or to a professional level. This may involve further study at an accredited musical establishment.

Vocal Repertoire

I teach the following vocal repertoire:


French Melodie

British and American Song




Musical Theatre.